• About us

    We enable businesses to manage ecological risks and maximise opportunities

  • Our services

    We deliver a range of ecological services to the business community at both a strategic and a project level

  • Who we work for

    We work with a huge and diverse range of organisations

Biocensus is an ecological consultancy based in Bath with a vast network of ecologists around the UK.

We deliver a range of ecological services at both a strategic and a project level to enable you to manage your ecological risks and maximise opportunities.

Combining ecological expertise, scientific rigour with pragmatism and professionalism we work with businesses to achieve a ‘net positive’ drive that benefits the environment and your bottom line.

Latest News

October 2016: another busy summer for Biocensus

Well another classic summer passed in a sleep deprived blur. October already? Really? As some of you may remember I shouted my mouth off once too many times about the lack of industry best practice guidance for ornithological impact assessments, and this culminated in me talking at the CIEEM spring conference in London. This gaping […]

July 2016: The EU vote and its potential effect on British wildlife

As we’re all now aware, the British public have voted to leave the EU.  I don’t want to add to the political debate here, but at the same time, for someone that blogs about wildlife I think I need to at least acknowledge the potential effect on British Wildlife, of this radical decision. The good news I guess is that […]

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