Georgia Marchington

Title: Georgia Marchinton, Ecology Survey Coordinator

Keywords: Organiser, Adventure queen, Wannabee bat carer and bee keeper, Mean cake baker, Map obsessed

Abstract: After spending seven years dabbling with various career options from ecological surveying to organising luxury voyages for the rich and famous, living the life of a nomad and working on a nature reserve in South Africa (not forgetting another spell as a student, studying for an MSc in Conservation Biology), I was over the moon when the opportunity to use my skill set appeared in the job advert for an Ecology Survey Coordinator for Biocensus back at home in the Cotswolds (amazing!). The past 18 months have flown by and I haven’t looked back!

My role as an Ecology Survey Coordinator keeps me on my toes. No one day is ever the same and it has taught me you cannot survive in ecology without being flexible. Day to day I can be found managing a team working on one of our large infrastructure projects, problem solving or fixing puzzles, and occasionally undertaking surveys or site visits.

My background in conservation drew me to Biocensus. It isn’t often you stumble across a company which funds conservation projects across the world and has access to an extensive network of highly experienced ecologists whose knowledge is there to learn from and call upon.

Outside of the office my love of the great outdoors, adventure and exploring finds me galivanting around the countryside most weekends. Sleeping under the stars, swimming in lakes, climbing big mountains or plotting my next ridiculous challenge…

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