Hannah Lees

Title: Hannah Lees, Supplier Manager

Keywords: Information geek, Lapsed librarian, Grammar and punctuation pedant, Feminist, Trail marathon runner, Coach, Fact-sponge, Parent, Cider connoisseur, Force of nature, Fan of nature, Perpetually tired.

Abstract: I stumbled into information management entirely by accident when I discovered that I could do a degree in Librarianship and, I thought, work with books. By the time I discovered my error it was too much effort to change route and I ended up specialising in electronic information management, working in a variety of different organisations (rail infrastructure, housing, higher education, local government and sustainable transport) managing and developing their databases and systems.

After a career break to travel the world and teach English to Korean business executives, and then having twins I discovered a love of coaching running and started a small business teaching people how to run, mainly from scratch. With my boys now at school I juggle parenthood, coaching and my own running with my role at Biocensus, swapping hats at various points during the day and occasionally forgetting which one I'm wearing.

I was drawn to Biocensus by the opportunity to return to database management while working for a company with a positive vibe and flexible culture in an interesting sector. Ecology is not my area of expertise, but I'm enjoying learning both the jargon and the idiosyncracies; and developing my knowledge of UK wildlife is also helping me identify the creatures I spot when I'm running in the hills around Bath - win-win!

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