Jasper Hounsome

Title: Jasper Hounsome, Office Dog

Keywords: Motivator, Philosopher, Meeter and greeter, Dreamer, Tail-wagger, Leader of the pack

Abstract: I have a key role at Biocensus. I guard the office diligently, receiving visitors with a raised eyebrow. I lead by example, demonstrating the importance of quiet thought, contemplation and naps. A calm head in any crisis, my colleagues can rely on me to soothe them when they're stressed, listen to their worries and accompany them on lunchtime walks.

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A new threat to UK wildlife?

Many of you will have been reading the stories in the news recently about an increase in unexplained deaths of brown hares and the possibility that Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease or myxomatosis is now infecting them. Dr Diana Bell from the University of East Anglia's School of Biological Sciences has urged members of the public to […]

August 2018 - Adventures in ecology

Letters from Lico As many of you will already be aware, two of our intrepid company directors (Rich and Tim) undertook a once-in-a-lifetime mission into the heart of Mozambique visiting uncharted and unexplored territory in search of previously undiscovered species. The trip was part-funded by Biocensus. The final write up has been delayed by Tim […]