Lisa Thrower

Title: Lisa Thrower, Business Administration Manager

Keywords: Web geek, problem solver, wearer of many hats, sewist, am-drammer, surprised runner, sight hound lover.

Abstract: Having started out as a secondary English and Drama teacher my career path has taken a fair few twists and turns including running my own cleaning business, many years in universities and a stint with a cancer charity. However, a couple of threads have followed all of the twists and turns: My love of computers, problem solving and all things am dram. It ended up being the last of these that resulted in my initial connection with Biocensus as it was how I met Tim, who despite needing to be up at 3am to ‘count birds’ still had way more energy on stage than most other people could muster. It turned out that it was a bit more than counting birds and 10 years down the line he had grown a successful business. This is where my other two threads came into play as Biocensus was ready to move to the next level and needed someone to help develop the business systems to go with it.

It felt like very lucky timing that I was able to join at such a key time for the business. I have been able to go from being the one stop shop for all things not directly ecology to working with a great team of people to develop the administrative function of the company. I have been able to indulge my web geekery while helping the team develop systems to support our work on large scale infrastructure projects alongside still offering small scale surveying and PEAs.

Outside work, in addition to showing off on and off stage, I am a late convert to both running and sewing (and sewing for runners). I also have an elderly greyhound and while I love most dogs am a particular fan of the point variety.

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