Michelle Robertson

Title: Michelle Robertson, Senior Ecologist

Keywords: Ecologist, ornithologist, problem solver, wannabe dog and chicken owner, terrible triathlete, amateur gardener

Abstract: For the last ten years I have worked as an ecologist for charities (RSPB, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust), a government science agency, a medium consultancy and most recently and for the larger proportion of that time, a large multi-national consultancy. I have experience of surveys for great crested newts, bats, badgers, water voles, reptiles, fish and I am always aiming to improve on my botanical skills. However, my real passion is for birds, this was the subject of research during my MSc as well as being a primary focus of my professional career.

My senior ecologist role at Biocensus involves a range of different tasks and responsibilities; I undertake survey work and report writing, provide technical support and contribute to the running of our larger projects. I also manage projects, and am involved in putting together bids and tenders for new work. I was drawn to Biocensus for a number of reasons. But primarily the vision of the company using experienced ecologists local to where projects are based. Having spent a large proportion of my weeks in other jobs undertaking large amounts of driving and working away from home, more than I worked from the office, this highlighted to me the benefits, for the planet and for the people involved, of getting local experienced ecologists employed in projects close to them.

When I’m not working I enjoy training for triathlons (probably more than actually doing them), hiking (often with a ‘borrowed’ dog) and attempting to grow my own veggies and flowers (with mixed success).

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