Nick Parry

Title: Nick Parry, Commercial Director

Keywords: Uneducated environmentalist, Liverpool born Man Utd fan, Juggler of projects, Growth specialist, Entrepreneur/innovative business, Closet legal and commercially interested person, the Numbers guy.

Abstract: Having just moved to Bath, I found myself in my new local pub one evening in 2009. There I overheard a conversation between two guys who were discussing how to get their skill base and passion for ecologically sound developments known and utilised by more great organisations. Given my own business and background in sales and marketing I butted in and said, “I don’t know anything about ecology but I can get you more clients.”

Talking to Tim and Rich I became increasingly and personally excited about being involved in growing Biocensus as a business. The business appeals to me because it is 100% about helping to combine development and economic growth with the protection of all things green for future generations.

My vision for Biocensus is that it is the go-to company for UK construction and engineering organisations to ensure that their developments are ethical and profitable.

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