Robin Jones

Title: Robin Jones, Associate Director

Key words: Cyclist; Lapsed pianist; Dad; Coffee snob; Social media avoider

Abstract: From a degree in Zoology (Animal Ecology) in Aberdeen, and a couple of years carrying out fieldwork on research projects, I fell into the world of ecological consultancy in 2002. It’s where I’ve been ever since. I specialise in protected species ecology, mitigation and licensing, and in ecological impact assessment.

I joined Biocensus in 2017 as Associate Director to help both coordinate our large teams for major consultancy clients, and to provide some hands-on technical expertise for our small to medium sized projects. I was drawn to the company’s small and friendly feel, and because Biocensus’ flexible and sustainable business model made sense.

When I’m not in the office, I’d like to think you’d might find me wild swimming, or skilfully negotiating a technical mountain bike trail; but I’ll be honest. It’s far more likely that you’ll find me in a coffee shop after taking the kids to the pool, or scouring eBay for an elusive Islabikes bargain.

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