Victoria Brown

Title: Victoria Brown, Ecology Survey Coordinator

Keywords: Problem Solver, Obsessive Spreadsheet Formatter, Fair Weather Ecologist, Dog Lover

Abstract: Whilst completing my BSc in Biology, I travelled to The University of Auckland in New Zealand for my second year of studying. I went with a specific interest in marine biology and envisioning a future career in aquaculture. A year later I returned with a renewed appreciation for the environment and a desire for a career in conservation or ecology.

Outside of my studies, I volunteered at a local nature reserve and worked as an assistant ecologist. This led me to a three-month contract at Biocensus. Over two years later I am still there and splitting my time between Stroud and Shrewsbury (some jobs are just worth traveling for).

My role at Biocensus involves managing the teams working on major infrastructure projects. This role has allowed me to get involved with all aspects of the projects from coordinating and scheduling surveys, to H&S and field work. Additionally, I am involved with other smaller projects, report writing and submitting tenders.

One of the best things about working for Biocensus is the diversity of my role and the range of projects, companies and subcontractors that I have the opportunity to work with and learn from. It is also very reassuring to work for a company that is founded on the basis of providing quality service in the most sustainable way and that prioritises supporting research projects and conservation.

Outside of work I enjoy playing netball and progressing my running; although in a company of running coaches, marathon runners and triathletes, I have a long way to go! At the weekends you are likely to find me in Shrewsbury, going for long walks with the dogs or carrying out renovation work.

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