What we believe

We believe in making money. We also believe the world is facing huge environmental problems which impact people, businesses and how we live our lives

Great work is being done by charities and NGOs to set the agenda and affect policies, but it is businesses that can implement truly significant global change.

As a business we understand the need for money to be spent wisely, profits to be maximised, risks to be mitigated and long-term company stability to be achieved. However there is a growing appetite within the business community to align ethics with commercial objectives and lessen company impact on the environment – a ‘net positive’ drive.

This is a different business model, one based on the need to build partnerships. We believe in business…..business that is financially, environmentally and socially sustainable. Business that is going to survive and prosper.

We believe in helping businesses with the long term thinking and planning that entails. As professional ecologists and scientists we believe in a solid evidence base and the ability to demonstrate a real effect of the work we’ve done. The work we produce is based on the best possible evidence – it is timely, accurate and complete.

We only work with people that we have vetted and trust because we believe in the importance of providing high quality expertise as well as high quality data. Through our unique business model we are able to do so and provide you value for money.

Latest News

A new threat to UK wildlife?

Many of you will have been reading the stories in the news recently about an increase in unexplained deaths of brown hares and the possibility that Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease or myxomatosis is now infecting them. Dr Diana Bell from the University of East Anglia's School of Biological Sciences has urged members of the public to […]