Who does it

We are a niche consultancy led by a core of highly qualified ecologists and business people. Through our extensive network of highly skilled and experienced ecologists we enable businesses to manage ecological risks and maximise opportunities.

For Ecological Impact Assessment work our nationwide network of specialists ensures we can deliver a local expert to work on your project. By local we mean within a 50 mile radius of the site. Working with ecologists local to your area means they know your patch. They’re also often on first name terms with the key people that you need to get on-side in order to progress your project – from the planning officer at the local council, the county ecologist through to the statutory agencies*.

All-importantly you don’t carry the costs that other consultancies would expect you to pay for such as mileage, travel time and accommodation. Naturally, it means we have a low carbon footprint ourselves.

Quality Assurance is at the heart of what we do – the quality of our network is critical to us. Each ecologist has been through a vigorous vetting process. We ensure that standard procedures are followed out in the field and that onsite spot checks are undertaken.

* Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage or Natural Resources Wales

Latest News

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