It’s official, Biocensus have moved offices.

As of today we have now left our small but perfectly functional office in the centre of Bath and taken up residence in the perfect location just slightly out of the city centre.

If it is possible to be a stalker of property, then I think that’s what I have become over the last few years. A while ago I had a meeting with the planning authority G L Hearn in their Bath office.

I fell in love with their building there and then, and decided Biocensus would one day have a similarly cool office. Situated on the banks of the Kennet and Avon canal, with its own bankside garden and landing stage, the office enjoyed sweeping views across the city including the Abbey, The Empire building and most impressively St John’s church (euugh – sound like an estate agent!) which is home to a pair of peregrines (that’s better – sounding more like an ecologist now!).

About six months ago we decided we needed a bigger office and started to look around at what was on offer. I immediately checked to see if G L Hearn were still in their office. They weren’t! Not only that but it was empty and on the market to rent!

Six months later we’re in this idyllic office and if I’m honest, as I watch the peregrines and their fledged young, I’m feeling pretty smug. Of course we now need to execute our growth plans so we can fill this space, so there won’t be any resting on laurels.

The move to such salubrious environs has only been made possible by continuing our synergistic relationship with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, with whom we are sharing the space.

As you’ll see from the photos we’re a long way from settled but the internet went in yesterday and the rest of it is just details! One might question the wisdom of moving offices in the middle of the silly season for ecologists but there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. We’ve been helped hugely by Lucy who has dealt with many of the fiddly details these events throw up so a special thanks to her.

Talking of the silly season, we coincidentally just had the busiest August we’ve ever had, by a quite considerable distance. Again we have been dealing with projects covering the full geography of the UK. As a result we are now actively seeking a couple of extra bodies; a Senior Ecologist and a Technical Director so if you’re interested or know someone who is then please feel free to get in touch here.

Finally I want your money! Well Penny Brohn Cancer Care wants your money. On the 21st of September I’m dragging my vestigial body around 13.1 miles of the Bristol Half Marathon to raise money for this worthy cause. If you can afford to donate even a quid I would be delighted.