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Case Study - Ecotricity

Ecotricity Wind Turbine Developments

Rapidly growing green energy company Ecotricity have a large number of potential sites for wind turbine construction under consideration at any one time. Understanding potential planning constraints, including ecological considerations associated with any given site, is a time critical requirement.

We enabled the planning process by providing Ecotricty with ecological advice on the developments, which range from small scale, single turbines to large ‘wind-parks’ of 15 turbines or more.

Our ecologists carried out general Phase one habitat assessments, and surveys for protected species such as great crested newts and bats. We developed mitigation plans for species as necessary to form part of the planning application. The developments are due to take place at sites from Cornwall to Scotland. Through our network of specialists we were able to provide local ecologists keeping both the cost to client down and our company carbon footprint low.

Ecotricity generates energy primarily through wind power, but also via solar energy and ‘green’ gas. They have installed over 50 wind turbines at locations throughout the UK, and have ambitious plans to build many more in the coming years.

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