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Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) or Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

There are a number of different scenarios in which a PEA and or an EcIA can be requested.

It may be as a standalone report that forms part of a planning application or part of a body of work with a wider remit, such as an Environmental Impact Assessment or an Environmental Statement.  Each has its own idiosyncrasies but EcIA can be generalised as: what's currently there, what's the proposal(s) and what's the likely impact.

We can provide the full ecological chapter of the EIA/Planning application or just do a single species survey in isolation.

Our primary objective is to enable your project gain planning consent. By working with you we can ensure that this is done in an ecologically sensitive manner, enhances the biodiversity value of a site (something LPAs have to ensure) but crucially that it does all this without costing the earth.

We believe that we do need housing, that we need new development and that we need new infrastructure.

Our background and approach is vocational. You may have come across ecologists in the past who are either all about the research papers or all about the activism side of things.

We’re neither of those – we’re a professional, practical, pragmatic consultancy.

Communicating on your behalf with other ecologists, we make sure that the mitigation they suggest is truly appropriate to the site. As part of your team we are the conduit between specialist ecological advice and the drive to gain consent in the most positive way. We can do that because we understand the science, the needs of the site and the planning consents and conditions.

Our UK wide network means we can get you the specialist information and advice you need in your local area.

Have a look at our case studies for more information on the types of schemes we’ve worked on previously, including renewable energy, infrastructure projects (pipelines, pylons, railway lines, motorways), mixed developments (commercial units and housing) and utilities.

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