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Protected Species Surveys

In the UK businesses have to adhere to UK and European legislation relating to the protection of habitats and wildlife, including protected species. Identifying whether your plans are likely to impact protected species before you start work or submit your planning requests can save you time and money.

Councils will almost always require some sort of ecological report to be prepared as part of the planning consent process. These will take various forms (see EcIA section) but almost always require some protected species surveys to be have been completed.

Many species of animals and plants can only be surveyed at certain times of the year. For example bats hibernate so doing a bat activity survey in January is not going to be acceptable. Knowing these constraints and ahead of time can ensure realistic milestones are set at the start of a project.

A failure to understand this element of ecological consultancy is probably the most common mistake and as a result probably the most costly. If you are unsure about what can be done when then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You need to be legally compliant. That means being clear on whether your project is likely to have an adverse effect on a protected species/habitat or not. If it is, then we will help you either avoid the impact through changes to schemes, or help you design appropriate mitigation to enable the relevant authority to issue a licence.

You need to think about your application from the point of view of the planning officers – they have a legal obligation to enhance biodiversity. You need to know what tweaks you can make to your plans to ensure swift and successful passage through the consent process.

Critically however you need to ensure your project is going to go ahead and be profitable. We can help with all these considerations.

UK and European Legislation European Law:

Protected Species and Habitats Natural England lists the protected species and habitat types covered under UK and EU legislation.

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