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February 2016: how we can help you

It occurs to me that this is generally the time of year where most of our clients (so a good proportion of people reading this) begin to plan the year ahead and realise they are going to need help with the ecology aspects of their projects. Therefore, it seems that now may be a good […]

December 2015: some time to plan for the new year

Wind, rain, Bath traffic grid locked it must be nearly Christmas. I really must start thinking about presents etc… otherwise it’ll be audio book CDs, screen wash and charcoal briquettes from the local garage on Christmas Eve. Again! As is always the case at this time of year for Biocensus a fair chunk of my […]

October 2015: it’s been another busy summer

The more observant among you will have noticed that I haven’t been inundating your inboxes with missives over the last few months. No excuse really, it’s just that when things are so busy, then writing blogs always seems to drop to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. Must do better! Will do better! It’s […]

March 2015: All systems go!

After the usual lull in February it’s now all systems go. I’m talking about business but to be honest it’s been very much the same outside for the last week. All the birds are singing and the first flowering plants of the year are putting on a show and adding some much needed colour to […]

February 2015: Bulging at the seams…

January is a time of flux at Biocensus. The end of the month represents our year end and as a result there’s a fair amount of looking back at our performance over the last year but also at the same time looking forward at workloads in 2015. This year was, by far our best year […]

December 2014: At last! We’ve entered the quiet season…

Well I say quiet it’s all relative I guess? As most of you know the amount of fieldwork does normally tail off in the autumn, but as a result of having to close down 100 badger setts we were working flat out up until the 30th of November. Thanks to some excellent, highly experienced field […]

October 2014: Settling into the new ‘nest’…

…feathering it with cutting edge science and preparing for the next big badger project This is so cool!! I’ve just been sitting, an eye glued to my telescope watching a peregrine on the church spire in Bath, from my desk! This is exactly why we moved the office here! An added bonus is that it’s […]

August 2014: All change!! All change!!

It’s official, Biocensus have moved offices. As of today we have now left our small but perfectly functional office in the centre of Bath and taken up residence in the perfect location just slightly out of the city centre. If it is possible to be a stalker of property, then I think that’s what I […]

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A new threat to UK wildlife?

Many of you will have been reading the stories in the news recently about an increase in unexplained deaths of brown hares and the possibility that Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease or myxomatosis is now infecting them. Dr Diana Bell from the University of East Anglia’s School of Biological Sciences has urged members of the public to […]