It occurs to me that this is generally the time of year where most of our clients (so a good proportion of people reading this) begin to plan the year ahead and realise they are going to need help with the ecology aspects of their projects. Therefore, it seems that now may be a good time to highlight what Biocensus can do to help and to explain/reiterate the scope and scale of the operation. You can see examples of the types of things we do below.

If you’re looking at resourcing large projects (and smaller ones too!) and are wondering how you will be able to recruit enough in-house ecologists it may well be worth talking to us.

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Delivering via our network of ecologists

We deliver 90% of our work via a well-established network of experienced free-lance ecologists.

Last year we used 132 different people to service our contracts. The joy of our delivery model is our ability to react very quickly to demands and to operate at large scales. For example, a recent GCN surveying job required us to field 22 people full time for 14 weeks.

And last year we managed to mobilise sufficient expertise on the ground to exclude 80+ badger setts in 10 weeks!

illustrative image for subbie locationsUsing local ecologists for local projects

We are reminded time and again of the value of local ecologists when their depth of local knowledge helps us in delivering our services.

Their understanding of how individual planners and LPA ecologists interpret policy and guidance, and how they like to see information presented and surveys conducted, is a huge advantage.

Reducing our carbon footprint and costs to client
Another benefit of our network is its geographic coverage. We can service jobs throughout the UK with local ecologists – our aim is to get someone within 50 miles, although often they are considerably closer. The winner of the closest ecologist award this year, is a job we had in Stamford where the licensed bat worker lived 1 mile away and walked to the job. How’s that for reducing our carbon footprint and costs to the client?
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And our in-house team keep everything on track

Of course backing up our local ecologists is an in-house team mainly comprising principal and director level ecologists who manage project delivery and client relationships, helping us ensure that projects run smoothly and keep to budget.