The last few months has seen some changes around Biocensus, mainly through on-going recruitment. As I reported back in March we recruited two ecology schedulers Zoe(L) and Georgia(R), and next month we welcome Robin Jones to Biocensus as Associate Director.

Robin comes to us from our friendly client Arcadis (and we’re still friends) where he spent 15 years accumulating his vast knowledge of ecological consultancy. Robin will become the technical lead on many of our projects including the large infrastructure ones where his particular specialism will be a huge advantage.

Work on the large infrastructure projects are going ahead full steam (well nearly) and of course the biggie here is HS2 (although some of our work on the smart motorways is also of significant scale). We’re now currently working on all sections of HS2, phases 1 and 2, and are now bidding on the enabling works packages that have recently started coming out. It’s going to be a very, very busy few years.

In order to service all these contracts we’ve had to register a lot of ecologists and get them through the QA process and added to our books. Over the last six months or so we’ve had a real push on signing up of freelance ecologists from all around the UK and now have over 500 on our books. This is a fantastic achievement and means that we can deploy large teams of local ecologists at short notice.  BUT, we still need more registered!  Ideally we want 1000, because it’s a nice round number with a good ring to it! If you know anyone who would be an asset to our network please let them know that they can register here: Supplier Registration

As we’ve escalated the growth of our supply chain we have also cranked up the quality assurance side of things and have over the last month or so been carrying out (amongst other things) field audits of Biocensus ecologists. So far this has been by none other than the President of CIEEM Dr Stephanie Wray! We do pre-warn the fieldworkers so it’s not like they’ve had the president of CIEEM leaping out of bushes to check up on them!

Finally, we are very proud to have been involved in the newly published WildGuides book “Britain’s Mammals”. As with “Britain’s Birds” Biocensus have contributed to the text and provided financial support.  Happily, there have been excellent reviews of both publications.

Right, I’m off to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Take care