So Biocensus. What’s occurring?

I’m not sure it’s a case of “hold on to your hats”. It feels more like “the captain has put the seat belt sign on, please return to your seats, and grab a waxed paper bag, you’re going to need it” type of affair.

As many of you will be aware we are fast approaching a critical mass of large infrastructure projects, with HS2 Phase 1 enabling works about to commence at the same time as ongoing protected species surveys, as well as initial survey work on Phase 2A and the three new areas of Phase 2B. This is on top of other significant projects from Network Rail, Highways England and National Grid.
As a direct result of Biocensus being (quite frankly) awesome, we’re going to be heavily involved across all these areas. This comes fast on the heels of a record-breaking and milestone reaching year in 2016-17 for Biocensus. Although this will undoubtedly give us senior managers more grey hairs (quite a challenge for me!!) I’m sure that the next year is going to be an exciting and rewarding one.

This does mean that we need, more than ever, large numbers of new ecologists to register with us and to be processed through the quality assurance system. We’re also now actively encouraging small companies to register all their staff because as long as they hit the requirements for each project we’re happy to get good quality ecologists from anywhere! If you are already registered please can I ask that you put the word around about our network and encourage friends and colleagues to sign up too! There really is that much work out there and by signing up with us you will be maximising your chances of getting involved.

One other effect of having the surge of work we are currently experiencing is that we’ve been recruiting like mad! Last week we appointed two new ecology survey schedulers (an essential role in our operation) and we are currently looking for a senior and a principal ecologist to bring a greater depth of technical project management in-house. They will contribute to our work on the ground, conduct QA checks and supervise our ecologists in the field so if you know anyone good then please point this advert out to them. It’s a great opportunity to become part of a friendly and fun team, in what is still a relatively small company (in terms of staff), experiencing rapid growth at a hugely exciting time. If I didn’t already work here I’d be jumping at the chance – honestly, I really would!

Finally, a pretty picture of a bird. A fieldfare I caught and ringed in my garden. I’d left most of the apples down on the ground for the winter to encourage winter thrushes like the fieldfare, although if I’m honest I was really hoping for waxwings, which although they were in the region never visited my garden as far as I know. Maybe next year!?

I hope you all have a great early season and remember if you’re a freelance ecologist or a small company then get your skates on and register with us!