…feathering it with cutting edge science and preparing for the next big badger project

This is so cool!! I’ve just been sitting, an eye glued to my telescope watching a peregrine on the church spire in Bath, from my desk!

This is exactly why we moved the office here! An added bonus is that it’s even started looking like a real office with all the boxes unpacked and the furniture moved into place…..criticised, and moved into a different place, and then after consideration moved back again.

Five new desks arrived yesterday and it suddenly feels like a fully operational office as opposed to a few people working in a room that is way too big for them. Over the next couple of months the desks will all be filled and then the place will be a veritable hive of activity.

As many of you will know we are hosting a small team from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust here, and the other day we got the signs put up to make it official. So now we officially share this space with the Durrell Conservation Science Hub.

It’s great to hear lots of clever, dedicated and inspiring people discussing cutting edge science in the same room.

OK it’s slightly distracting (in a good way) and if I’m honest it does make me a little bit envious, but the whole point of this is that if Biocensus is going to get more and more involved in research (and we are), then I think that creating this academic environment is crucial to realising that aspiration.

On the business front it’s been a crazy month or so. Just before I went on holiday (yes I know!?) we tendered for a large scale badger exclusion job. I got a text to tell me we’d got it whilst lying on a beach (no really). Classic reaction which I know a lot of you will recognise “Yes!” and then “Oh **** now we’ve got to deliver”.

So now, as I write, we are deep in the thick of it and mainly thanks to our team of badger experts (Iain, Mike, Bryce), we’re just about staying on track. There’s only 92 setts to exclude before the end of November. Easy! Gulp! I’ll keep you posted…..

Some of you may get a phone call in the coming months from our new sales assistant Zeek. He started last week and will be getting in touch asking if you’d spare half an hour to meet with me. I should just say that at no point will this be “the hard sell” (not our style!) – It’s just Biocensus being proactive in meeting existing and potential clients face to face. It’s probably stating the obvious, but you can’t beat meeting people face to face.

Whilst on the subject of new staff we are still trying to recruit for a number of posts. Technical Director, Senior Ecologist and a business administrator with bookkeeping skills. If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of these posts then please get them to drop me a line via our contact form.

Finally, as some of you know, I ran/jogged/walked/crawled the Bristol Half Marathon in September, in aid of Penny Brohn Cancer Care. Thanks to all of you who sponsored me. I raised £556.86 which with gift aid increased to £684.36 so not too shabby at all.

Right, best get back to watching that peregrine! Er…eh hem…. sorry I mean work.