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    We enable businesses to manage ecological risks and maximise opportunities

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    We work with a huge and diverse range of organisations

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    We deliver a range of ecological services to the business community at both a strategic and a project level


As ecologists we’re interested in the changing landscape of scientific research; as business people we know it is essential to stay on top of legislative changes and to be at the forefront of discussions concerning changes to ecological practice.

We are industry leaders in terms of our pedigree in research at both a national and international level. All our scientific directors have been published in peer reviewed journals*. Research is important to us because it ultimately leads to changes in practice and we want to help mould and shape those changes to ensure that they are practical and can be implemented in tandem with the needs and requirements of the business community.

We are focused on continuous learning in terms of the management practices we recommend. As scientists and academics we are always asking questions, not only about the effectiveness of the things we do but we also constantly examine new and established ideas and theories to assess their value in real world situations.

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Latest News

August 2018 - Adventures in ecology

Letters from Lico As many of you will already be aware, two of our intrepid company directors (Rich and Tim) undertook a once-in-a-lifetime mission into the heart of Mozambique visiting uncharted and unexplored territory in search of previously undiscovered species. The trip was part-funded by Biocensus. The final write up has been delayed by Tim […]

March 2018 - Signs of Spring

Hello all, from a wintery Bath in Mid-March! It might feel like January out there, but things are moving on a pace with primroses and celandine popping up everywhere and the local peregrine on eggs. Click the image to see live pictures of the peregrines! My feeling is that once the wintery weather lets up, […]