Hello all, from a wintery Bath in Mid-March!

It might feel like January out there, but things are moving on a pace with primroses and celandine popping up everywhere and the local peregrine on eggs.
Primroses in the canalside garden outside our office window peregrine sitting on three eggsClick the image to see live pictures of the peregrines!

My feeling is that once the wintery weather lets up, spring will burst forward and everything will be happening in a rush……. and quite late. Which is ironic considering where we find ourselves professionally.

Last week quite a few members of staff were walking about looking frazzled and muttering things like “it’s started” and “here we go”. Along with the usual grumble of “why do they always leave it until now before giving us the green light?” Quite often the next thing they say is “we are going to need more suppliers”.

I know I’m always saying this but it would appear that this year, more than any other in our history, Biocensus is going to need a host of high quality field ecologists. This is where you come in!

Also it’s where Hannah Lees comes in too. Hannah is our new Supplier Manager and it’s her job to help me grow the database of suppliers, manage the quality assurance side of things and, most importantly from your point of view, to help you guys get fully registered with us. Tell you what I’ll let Hannah introduce herself:
A photo of Hannah Lees, our new Supplier Manager
Thank you, Tim, and hello everyone!
I joined Biocensus in January and am gradually getting my head around the ecological jargon – my knowledge of UK wildlife is mainly confined to startling birds and mammals when I’m running in the hills around Bath. My background is in information management and databases (I’m a qualified librarian) and I’m splitting my time at the moment between sorting out our existing information ­– getting in touch with all of you to get everything up to date and accurate – and hunting down new ecology companies to speak to.
One big reason we need to look at our database is that the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May and we need to make sure we have permission to store your data and that you understand what we are storing and why. This means that we need you to take a look at your supplier profile at biocensus.co.uk/supplier-portal click on “update your record” and check that we have the correct information. At the end of the form are check boxes to say that you consent to us storing your data and that you have read and understood our privacy policy.

I am here to help with any questions you have about registering and updating your details, so do get in touch.

And, as Tim has said, I would love to hear from new suppliers so if you have any ecologists within your company or your wider network who you could put in touch with me that would really make me happy.

As always we are also looking for people to be seconded into some of our larger clients’ offices. Specifically at the moment we need:

A principal level ecologist with c. 10 years or more experience, to coordinate the writing of an Ecology chapter for a national infrastructure project. Starting in late April / early May, and lasting for around 6 months, they will join the project team, and coordinate taxa-specific authors and have oversight and sign-off responsibilities.

An experienced ecologist who is highly organised, to coordinate large scale multi-taxa surveys on a large infrastructure project. This would be a challenging and fast moving role for the right person.

A land access and H&S coordinator. The role will require working within the project team to secure land access for ecology surveys, and help to coordinate the H&S processes.

As always, although this newsletter is being sent to individuals a good number of you work for other companies. If this is the case, please see the secondments described above as business opportunities and advise the relevant person in your organisation.

Finally, a plea to ask you to keep your profiles up to date. The selection and deployment of our subbies is dependent on (amongst other things) having all the relevant boxes ticked.

In certain parts of the country we’re pretty sure we could keep you 100% busy for the entire season, so it really is worth getting in touch!

Enjoy the spring, when it arrives!

Tim and Hannah