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Our work with subcontractors

ecologists at a pondRSK Biocensus is an ecological consultancy with offices throughout the UK. With the support of our network of trusted subcontractors we provide ecological consultancy on projects ranging from individual developments to large national infrastructure projects. With a goal to resource all projects using highly skilled ecologists based within 50 miles of the project site we are always looking to expand our network of high quality subcontractors. We hope this is something you would be interested in.

So far 2022 is proving to be a a particularly busy year and we are currently looking for support with:

  • a large amount of survey work in the Midlands on large infrastructure projects;
  • many renewable energy, highways and rail maintenance projects; and
  • individual developments in various locations.

We have particular need for:

  • Experienced survey leads, particularly licenced bat surveyors
  • Bat licenced tree climbers
  • Ecological Clerks of Work (ECoWs)

We also need:

  • Senior ecologists for home-based technical roles embedded as secondees in our clients’ project teams
  • Non-technical roles for organised people helping coordinate survey schedules on large projects
  • And much more…

If you are intersted in working with us please complete the form above to start the registration process.